Omkar ( Onkar ) Pranayam with Steps and Benefits | Pranayam

Omkar ( Onkar ) Pranayam with Steps and Benefits

Omkar ( Onkar ) Pranayam with Steps and Benefits | Pranayam |

Name : Omkar PRANAYAMA

Duration : This pramayama may be done for 3 to 5 times each day.

Steps or Technique :

  1. Sit in the same posture as in Bhramari Pranayama.
  2. Take a deep breath in and recite a long AUM finishing with closed lips.
  3. Repeat the same as above a second and a third or more times.
  4. Keep your concentration on your breathing process engaged in recitation of AUM.
  5. It purifies the outer environ around you and creates a healthy and congenial atmosphere all around.
  6. Thereafter sit for a minute (or two) keeping the speed of inhalations and exhalations very slow-slower than the normal 15-16 breaths per minute. It helps to induce meditation and increases life span. With this we complete the DAILY SCHEME OF PRANAYAMA that we are all required to do every morning (and evening too, if possible and necessary)

General Notes :

  1. Remember, in PRANAYAMA the head and spine should be vertical.
  2. When you have fever, stop the practice and take one day additional rest. You can start again only when the fever is gone after one day more rest.
  3. Do every thing very gently and comfortably. Don't put your self under any kind of strain.

Benefits of Onkar Or Omkar Pranayam :

  1. It helps in Cleansing the mind.
  2. The AUM sound Cleanse your mind and make it pure and attentive. It revitilizes the mind giving it a good platform to start any task which needs mind power.

  3. Omkar helps in controlling the emotions.
  4. If you are a bit depressed or sad, this Pranayam will surely helps you to make you active, awake and it refreshes your mind by filling the voids in your soul by AUM Chanting.

  5. It also Improves the concentration, memory and understanding capacity of the human.
  6. If you are a student or in a professional field where you need all your memory, concentration and understanding power, you will definatly need this Pranayam in your Habit. Especiallly for the growig children this pranayam will do a great effect in making that child smarter.

  7. Omkar will relax you Physically, Mentally, Emotionally.
  8. You can do this pranayam after getting back form school, office or any other hactic work to refresh you mind, body and refill its working level again to the fullest.

  9. It Charges your surrounding atmosphere.
  10. The positive Vibes of the AUM sound will charge up your surroundings and make the environment better and peacefull for you to work or take rest.

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