Meditation Tips and Techniques for Beginners Meaning of Contemplation | Vipassana Meditation

Meditation Tips & Techniques For beginners: Meaning of Contemplation

Meditation Tips and Techniques for Beginners Meaning of Contemplation | Vipassana Meditation |

Contemplation is to fix the mind on the phenomena arising in the time of practice, and observe them as they naturally are, with exertion, mindfulness (sati), concentration ( Samadhi ), and wisdom ( panna ), without state of stare, idea, thought, and imagination in every single moment of practice. When contemplating the rising and falling of the abdomen, the meditator may be interrupted by other objects which are more clearly perceivable. The meditator should move to contemplate those objects until they disappear or become less distinct. Then he can go back to contemplating the rising and falling of the abdomen. When the time of mindful sitting such as 5, 10, 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes is finished, the meditator should turn to mindful walking in order to change the posture and bring balance to the controlling faculties - confidence, energy, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom (Indriya).

Meditation Tips & Techniques : Contemplation of the body (kayanupassana)

Mindfulness of body here only refers to contemplatingthe phenomena which happen at the time of being aware of the major activities (standing, walking,sitting and sleep) and the minor activities (bending, stretching, and so on). Standing Contemplation

A. Principle

Thito va thitomhi-ti pajanati "Standing, one knows one is standing"

B. Method

  1. Stand straight, neck upright, cross the hands at the front or the back of body;
  2. Have the eyes half open and keep the eyes downcast 2-3 metres ahead;
  3. Realize the posture of straight standing and note "standing, standing, standing";
  4. Meditation Tips and Techniques for Beginners Meaning of Contemplation | Vipassana Meditation |
  5. While noting in mind "standing", the meditator must be fully aware that he or she is actually standing;
  6. Keep the mind on awareness of the straight body with the note.

C. What to avoid in standing contemplation

  1. One should not close or let the eyes wander to other objects;
  2. One should not bend the neck too much or turn the face up to look any other objects;
  3. One should not contemplate the raising and falling of the abdomen (exception made if necessary);
  4. One should not focus on any part of the body such as tip of foot, knee, navel, chest, head, forehead, tip of hair, and so on; on the contrary, just realize the state of standing;
  5. In some meditation centers, the meditator may be advised that time used for practicing standing contemplation should tally with that spent for sitting or walking contemplation. But here the time of standing contemplation should takea very brief period of time by noting in mind "standing" for three times.
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