Kapal Bhati with Steps Benefits and Duration | Pranayam

Kapal Bhati with Steps, Benefits and Duration

Kapal Bhati with Steps Benefits and Duration | Pranayam | ProHinduism.com


Duration : This pranayama is to be done 5 to 7 minutes minimum every day.

Point To Remember : In this pranayama your focus will be on exhalations, deep and rhythmical. The inhalations will take care of themselves.

Steps or Technique :

  1. Sit your self in any comfortable posture as above.
  2. Keep the eyes closed and head and spine vertical.
  3. Breathe out and contract your abdomen. Inhalation will follow.
  4. Again breathe out and contract your abdomen.
  5. Do this practice rhythmically continuously for 50 to 60 times.
  6. Then take a small break for about 15-20 seconds.
  7. And again start the above practice, breathe out and contract the stomach - 50 to 60 times rhythmically, with out shaking your body.
  8. Again take a small break.
  9. Repeat the process for as many rounds as necessary to reach 350 to 360 pranayamas. That is, about 6 to 8 rounds of 50 to 60 times each.
  10. While doing the above practice keep your awareness on the mooladhar chakra.
  11. Recite mentally AUM and as you proceed and imagine that the Mooladhar Chakra has started shining and glowing with the light of AUM.
  12. Also imagine that with each exhalation you are throwing out all toxins from your body and negative thoughts from your mind.

Benefits of Kapal Bhati Pranayam :

  1. It removes the metabolic disfunctioning of the body
  2. Kapali bhati is one of the great pranayama techniques, which takes care of the whole metabolic function of the body, removes imbalances and improves the working of the body. With this pranayam one can easily stay healthy and active for long, even in the old age

  3. It takes due care of obesity problems.
  4. As the stomach muscles and lower abdomen muscle contract and expand in the process of doing this pranayam, it helps in removing the excess fats and toxins out of the body form stomach and lower abdomen makeing you slim and fit.

  5. It helps to remove constipation and gives strength to all internal organs of the body.
  6. It also makes the digestive system strong and makes its working more efficient by working on the stomach and abdomen muscles and makeing other organs used in the digestion more active and hance removes constipation and gives strength to all internal organs of the body.

  7. It is very powerful and effective pranayama.
  8. Since the range of benefits of this pranayam is really large and it is really bery effective and powerfull against problems of the body. You need to use this Pranayam with proper instructions and regularly for long term and fast effects.

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