Hindu Mother Goddess Maa Durga with Her Abilities and Powers | Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Hindu Mother Goddess Maa Durga with Her Abilities and Powers

Hindu Mother Goddess Maa Durga with Her Abilities and Powers | Hindu Gods and Goddesses | ProHinduism.com

Durga is an incarnation (a person who embodies in the flesh a deity, spirit, or quality) of Mother Goddess or Devi's , a unified sign of all divine forces in the universe. Shaivas Goddess Durga is wife of Lord Shiva. For Vaishnavas and Shaktas community, Goddess Durga is another form of Uma Devi or Devi Parvati.

Hindu Goddess Durga maa showed her power and fierce form when evil forces tried to threathened the very existance to the Gods and overpowering them. To destroy all these evil demons and evil forces, all the gods offered their part of energy to her creation and each part of Durga's body. Durga also obtained some of the very powerful weapons, such as chakra from Lord Vishnu and trident from Lord Shiva.

In Sanskrit language the word "Durga" means "invincible" (too powerful to be defeated or overcome). Syllable "du" is the synonymous with 4 devils which are poverty, sufferings, evil habits and famine, "r" refers to diseases of living beings and "ga" is the ultimate destroyer of sins, injustice, cruelty, irreligion and laziness.

Durga killed the powerful demon 'Mahish' and all his commanders and bring all of them to justice. Since Demonic forces are self-destructive but they are much powerful But the Divine forces are just opposite, they are constructive and efficient but slow. When these demonic forces made imbalance in the universe, all gods became unite and form one divine power or force called Shakti or Durga.

Some other researches says that Durga did not emerges from Devas (Gods) as she was form of Goddess 'Adishakti'. Goddess took birth on Earth in form of 'Devi Parvati' to be united with her lord, 'Shiva' the God of destruction. Lord Shiva helped her to realize her power and to get control over her powers and use them as 'Adi-shakti' after their marriage, durga maa is the pure energy of universe. After some time, she slays apart 'Mahishasura' as Durga Maa and Raktabija as 'Kali'.

Goddess was armed with many dangerous weapons, gifted by the deities told above and wore divine ornaments, Durga Maa took the control of the battle field and challenged those those uncontrollable evil powers and the demons for battle. Mahishasura with his commanders and his entire army, full of demons and evil powers like Chikshur, Chamar, Asiloma, Vidalaksha, Durdhara, Durmukha, Mahahanu and many more, attacked Goddess Durga continuously, but Durga slew all of them with an unparalleled fearlessness. After that the enraged Mahishasura attacked Goddess Durga in form of a buffalo. But Durga Maa bounded him with ropes. The buffalo (Mahishasura) then changed into a lion all of a sudden and leapt on Durga Maa again , but she beheaded his lion form with her sword. At this point of time, Mahishasura began to fight with his sword with Durga Maa. But Durga Maa took him down with the torrent of arrows. Mahishasura changed himself in the form of a giant elephant and tugged at Durga Maa's mount, and took Durga Maa's lion into his trunk. Durga Maa jumped off the trunk of that elephant with her sword and freed her lion. The elephant changed itself into a buffalo again and charged at Durga Maa. After that Goddess Durga flung her trident and beheaded Mahishasura and finally killed him.

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