Bhastrika Pranayam with Steps Benefits and Duration | Pranayam

Bhastrika Pranayam with Steps, Benefits and Duration

Bhastrika Pranayam with Steps Benefits and Duration | Pranayam |


Duration : This pranayama is to be done for 2 minutes daily.

Steps or Technique :

  1. Sit yourself in any comfortable posture - padmasana, siddhasana or otherwise sukhasana, and keep your eyes closed.
  2. The head and spine should be vertical.
  3. Put both your hands on your knees in Jyana or chin mudra.
  4. Start deep breathing through both nostrils together.
  5. Your focus should mainly be on inhalations, deep and rhythmical. The exhalations shall take care of themselves.
  6. Keep the head and spine erect during the whole practice.
  7. Keep your concentration on the breathing process.

Benefits Bhastrika Pranayama :

  1. It energizes your body with pran.
  2. It fills your body with energy and make revitalizes your soul and mind and make your start your day at work or study or you can end your day by doing this pranayam.

  3. It also improves digestion
  4. Bhastrika pranayama has a special feature or benifit of improving your digestion and eliminating all the digestion related diseases by making your digestive organs more stronger and efficent.

  5. It purifies your lungs
  6. As it involves deep breathing which makes your lungs sucks more and more oxygen which purifies your lungs and your blood which carries oxygen to all the parts of your body.

  7. The Bhastrika Pranayam charges your brain with oxygen.
  8. The brain needs 20% of the total oxygen required by the body. The oxygen carring blood reaches to the brain makes it work more efficently and properly on its fullest. So you can do this pranayam before getting into any mental task like study or before going to job.

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