Bahya Pranayam with Steps, Benefits and Duration | Pranayam

Bahya Pranayam with Steps, Benefits and Duration

Bahya Pranayam with Steps, Benefits and Duration | Pranayam |


Duration : This pranayama is to be only 3 times every day.

Steps or Technique :

  1. Firstly breathe out, hold outside - baiyah kumbhak
  2. Then contract your abdomen and then pull your navel in, your anus up and press your chin onto your chest, keeping the spine erect.
  3. After that concentrate on your navel.
  4. Mentally recite OM.
  5. And when you can't hold comfortably any longer, first release your stomach, your lower portion and straighten your neck, then breathe in very slowly.
  6. This lock also called Maha Bund (Great Lock) in Yoga or you can say Jalandhar bund, Udiyana bund and Moola bund, all together.

Benefits Bahya Pranayama :

  1. It gives a general massage to all your inner organs, and improves their working.
  2. It streacher all the inner organs and tissues activating them and gives them massage which relives the organs and tissue and makes them work properly and better way.

  3. It has benefits of holding pranayama as lowering BP, working against diarrhea and depression out of your body.
  4. If you have low Blood pressure problem or diarrhea or depression, this pranayama is the best practice for your in your daily habit or daily routine for making your life simple energetic and more active.

  5. It will also bring your navel in the proper position.
  6. By this we mean that if your navel is too much right or left, up or down, this practice will bring the navel in proper position as it puts pressure on the navel part of your body and brings back it to the right position.

  7. This Pranayam will activate your energy centers or Kundilini Jagarana.
  8. This pranayama moves the energy up from the mooladhar chakra that is generated in the kapal bhanti pranayama, opens and energizes all other charkas of the body - called Kundilini Jagarana (activation of all energy centers of the body) in Yoga.

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