Ardha Chandrasana Yoga with Steps Benefits and Variations | Yoga

Ardha Chandrasana Yoga with Steps, Benefits and Variations

Ardha Chandrasana Yoga with Steps Benefits and Variations | Yoga |

Posture : Ardhachandra-asana - The Half-moon Pose

Translation : In the Language of Sanskrit word ardha means "half," and the word chandra means "moon," thus, this is the "half moon" posture.

Pronunciation : ard-ha-chun-drah-sa-na

Difficulty : Level 2

Instructions :

  1. You should stand in the tada asana which is explained in our article (Stand with both feet touching from the heel to the big toe,keeping the back straight and the arms pressed slightly against the sides with palms facing inward.
  2. After that bring the hands together at the chest with palms lightly pressed against each other which was showen in the Anjali mudra.
  3. In the next step you will inhale and raise the arms straight up keeping the palms pressed lightly together.
  4. And after that arch your body backwards keeping your arms alongside your neck and head, tilt the head backward and hold. Keep your knees straight while holding posture.
  5. Then Slowly return Back to the tada asana.

Comments :

The ardha chandra asana is a basic stretching and balancing pose that benefits principly your lower back, abdomen and chest. It isequally suitable for use in your stretching routine as well as formal asana practice. This pose is also one of the postures that are are sequenced in the surya-namaskar written in our blog (the Sun Salutation).

Duration / Repetitions :

Repeat ardha-chandra-asana two to three times.

Physical Benefits :

  1. It strengthens your ankles, knees and leg.
  2. It will put pressure on your ankles, knees and legs all at once and makes it more stronger and healthy and also Relax the Musceles.

  3. It works on thighbones and help alleviate backpain.
  4. It streaches the ThighBones in a " BOW " Shape, and Pressurises the BackBone which Results in the Streaching of Muscelles and Relaxes them. It Reduces the BackPain by huge Amount.

  5. It Strengthens your Abdomen, Buttocks and Spine.
  6. Since the Streaching of Abdomen, Buttocks and Spine are Requires in this Yoga Asana, Thus releasing the tension of the musscele of Abdomen, Buttocks and Spine and make them stronger and flexible.

  7. It Opens up your chest and shoulders
  8. Scince the streaching of shoulder muscles and chest muscles are also required in this yoga posture. This results in the flexible and more stornger chest and shoulder.

Collateral Benefits :

  1. It Improves your digestion
  2. Due to the pressureized abdomen muscles the digestion improves and the diseases related to the digestion disappears. The stronger abdomen muscles also results into good digestion in your body.

  3. It Reduces your anxiety and depression
  4. The joy of doing this asana or pose will surely reduce your anxiety and depression. The energy level required in this yoga posture is very high and when you finally perform this yoga you will be filled with positive viberations and energy reducing anxiety and depression.

  5. It Improves your balance, coordination
  6. Since it requires balancing of your body and full control of the body and mind and there coordination with the brain, only then you will be able to do this asana with your full potential. Hence it improves your body balance and body mind coordination.

  7. It Relives your stress
  8. Doing the Ardha chakra aasan or half moon pose relives your body and all the stresses of your body. Also improves your body fucntionig which further relives you stress.

Emotional Benefits :

  1. Teaches us the journey is more important for self awareness and self acceptance that "nailing" then pose.
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